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Are Belly Bands Safe During Pregnancy?

Are Belly Bands Safe During Pregnancy?

Maternity belt, belly band or pregnancy sash. There are different names for this kind of band that is positioned at the time of the last months of pregnancy. Nevertheless, do you know its advantages? In this article, here are 5 reasons why you should use best belly band for pregnancy

Belly band at the time of pregnancy

Pregnancy happens to be a very unusual stage in the life of any woman, there is no doubt. However, it also carries certain discomforts. Indeed, as you gain weight and the belly bulges, certain discomforts appear.

For this, there are various products on the market created and intended to alleviate these drawbacks. Among them, you can find the bands or belts for the belly.

In any case, you should bear in mind that any band or sash does not work. The belly band at the time of pregnancy use to be designed for the structure of the pregnant woman, so you won’t get the same advantages with any kind of other postural correction band, which even could be counterproductive.

Are Belly Bands Safe During Pregnancy?

Now, what are the advantages for the pregnant woman?

There are several scientifically based and some entertainingly proven benefits of wearing a belly band. Some of them:

Relief from Pain

Lower back pain happens to be one of the foremost reasons why pregnant women call patients sick from work. Belly groups can help solve this problem to such an extent. Most abdominal groups work with external compression and weight distribution evenly in the pelvic area. According to a study, this property of the abdomen can be especially effective in reducing the lower back and / or pelvic pain in pregnant women. In a study, a 3-D pelvic model was used to simulate compression similar to a group of the abdomen, and was found to relieve painful pelvic ligaments and muscles that could relieve pain in this area.

Support Belly

A pregnant belly makes a strip of the abdomen, which a sports bra makes to the chest during training. Studies have shown that the abdomen acts as an external support for improving abdominal muscle control by reducing muscle activation in the pelvic area. This is because the abdominal group acts as a stabilizer, helping the coordinated pelvic muscles press Ilya, the bones on the upper part of the pelvis, against the sacrum, a triangular bone in the lower back, located between the bones of the thigh. This means that women can perform any type of safe exercise during the second and third trimester with adequate support guaranteed, while also reducing the likelihood of injury.

Improving posture

When you are pregnant, change your body to adapt to your baby’s growth. The center of gravity of your body changes and the abdominal muscles use to stretch to put up your expanding uterus. Like they extend, their ability to perform their normal function of maintaining posture is reduced. This means that there is a visible change in posture in pregnant women, which leads to the lower back towards support most of the weight growing around the body. As the stripes of the abdomen support the lower back and torso of the distribution of weights evenly, it stimulates the body to maintain a better posture. Wearing a group of abdomen and performing basic strengthening exercises will help to achieve a healthy body during pregnancy.

It can assist you to be incorporated in your pre-pregnancy clothes.

Most women find that in just a few weeks in their pregnancy, pants and jeans are used to be comfortable earlier, giving those nightmares. Buttons do not close or belts begin to dig into the skin. One way of dealing with this use to be getting maternity clothes. The belly group not only hides the fact that you are open or unzipped, but it will also hold the pants in place, giving the necessary support for the abdomen and back.

It can be used after delivery, and

Belly bands can be used even post pregnancy to assist new mothers growth the strength of their abdominal muscles. It has been established to origin a significant reduction in waist circumference and the ratio of waist to hip in women. The group also provides support for stretched ligaments and muscles, promotes better abdominal wall retraction and helps improve posture.

How to wear a belly band

Are Belly Bands Safe During Pregnancy?

Each belly group comes with a different set of instructions on how to wear it. But, as a rule, they wore around the belt of your clothes and drove up to cover your stomach. If your belly band is donned straight, it should feel like a pelvis “currently cuddling.”

Things to remember at the time wearing a belly band

Take care not to use the belly strip for more than two to three hours in a row. It happens to be always a decent idea of checking with your doctor before you attire a group of belly, how it compresses the muscles, which can be problematic for several women. According to a study, abdominal bands can also, in some cases, because increased pain, fetal changes in heart rate, skin irritation, and discomfort.

Which Belly Bands?

The belly band is a kind of stabilization clothing, which is usually made of flexible or elastic fabric and is used to provide support for the lower back and stomach in pregnant women. It happens to be an extensive round strip of fabric and use to be designed specially to suit the midsection of a pregnant woman. The clothes are usually made from a combination of fabrics, such as cotton, and one or more technical fabrics, like lycra or spandex, to make it elastic and to satisfy the expectant mother’s growing belly.

Myths about belly bands

There are some myths related to these maternity girdles. Thus, for example, there is a belief that they help to avoid the appearance of stretch marks. However, this statement is false. In this case, it is best to use specific creams or resort to other topical remedies.

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