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Not Your Average Undies

Ok ladies, let’s get honest, do you have a leaky bladder? This is something that we don’t like to talk about, but many of us deal with. Today, founder Julie Sygiel and Amanda Eller from Dear Kate join BE to talk about their comfortable, stylish, revolutionary and leak resistant underwear. Learn more now on BettyRead More

BE Blogs

Why We Love Parties

With the Super Bowl on the way, many of us are either having a party or going to one. No matter what the occasion, one thing is for sure, we love to party! Have you ever wondered why we love celebrations so much? Today, Dr. Anna Akbari joins us to explain. Listen now on BettyRead More

BE Blogs

Stock Purchasing 101

Ever think about buying stock, but not sure where to start? Want to take a risk, but not a huge risk? On today’s show, Whitney Johnson, author and co-founder of Boston based investment firm Rose Park Advisors, gives us her professional advice on how to get started in the stock market, how to pick the rightRead More