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What is Betty Everything

Betty Everything is a show for the woman who plays many parts on the great stage of life. We hope to be a catalyst to help elevate women to better places through our audio shows, videos, and blogs. Betty Everything provides laughter, inspiration, and real life solutions on the issues and events that woman face daily. When you need help with life’s complex journey, remember our door is always open … Welcome to Betty Everything!


We met in 2003 while working at a radio station in New Hampshire and became instant friends. Our careers took us to different coasts and media outlets but we always remained close.

After losing our jobs when the economy tanked, we decided (after a little push from God) to pursue our dream of having an all woman show that’s devoted to the real issues that women face each day. While working in radio, we noticed that there was a lot of testosterone but a lack of women’s voices, a gap we hope to fill, and that’s how “Betty Everything” was born!

When one door closes another one opens, and we are boldly running through that open door and taking you with us. Thanks so much for being a part of this journey.