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Best Way to Exfoliate Dry Skin on Face

Best Way to Exfoliate Dry Skin on Face

As per a survey, almost one-tenth of the females from a hundred is having dry skin. Dry skin is caused due to the dead cells in the face skin. It can cause discomfort and irritation in the behavior of the person. Dry skin can be of a male or female because of the dead cells. Proper treatment can be taken to heal the dry skin under the supervision of the doctors. The repairing of the dry skin will make the look of the person beautiful and attractive.

From moisturizing, the exfoliation of the skin may take some time. The results of the moisturizing will be immediate and useful for the person. Many home remedy tips for removing the dead cells from the face skin are available. Some of them are –

  • Applying of a Sugar Scrub
  • Applying a Pumice Stone
  • Removing Dry skin thorough brushing

The above mentioned are the ways through which a person can heal their dead cells. Here is the brief description of the above-stated ways –

Applying of Sugar Scrub over the face

Sugar scrub is the best exfoliator for dry skin. The parts of the sugar should be equal in the scrub for cleaning of the dead cells. The irritation of the skin will be removed through the large grains of the scrub. The process of using the scrub is as follow –

Wet the dry skin area

The warm water should be used for washing the affected skin area. If the skin is dirty, then cleanser should be used instead of warm cloth. The makeup of the face should be applied after using the cold cream. The hair of the person should be tight up through the hairband. According to the experts, there should always be the usage of warm cloth.

Rubbing of the scrub

When the skin will be dry, then apply scrub from a gentle finger. It should be considered that the applying of the sugar scrub is not harsh on the face. Some people can have irritation on the face while applying the scrub. The process should be stopped immediately. Otherwise, it will cause a reaction. Due consideration should be paid about the feeling on the skin.

Rinsing off the scrub

The scrub should be removed from a warm cloth. The person should avoid applying the hot water for rinsing off the sugar scrub. The cloth should be the first wet for removing of the scrub from the dry skin.

Using the moisturizer

After applying the scrub, moisturizer can be applied to the dry skin. The hands of the person should be clean, and gentle massage should be done. Whether it is dry skin or oily, applying the moisturizer will be helpful in removing the dead skin cells.

In this way, sugar scrub is the exfoliator for dry skin or oily skin. Before using it, the skin type should be known to the person.

Using of Pumice stone over dry skin

Along with the sugar scrub, the person can purchase pumice stone for healing the dry skin. The dead skin will be turned soft and provides a beautiful and smooth skin. The results of the remedy will be immediate and long-lasting. One effect of the stone can be growing of hair on the surface. Proper use of the stone will remove hair from the face.

  • Buying of pumice stone – The first step involves the purchasing of the pumice stone. The rates of the stone should be reasonable for the person. A comparison can be made with prevailing online prices, and purchasing should be done.
  • Wet the dry area – Before washing the area from the soap, the area should be wet. Any wet cloth or water can be used to wet the area for better removing of the dead cells. The aim of the soap is to soften the affected area.
  • Using the soap – Now, the pumice stone soap can be used on the wet skin. The pressure from the fingers should be gentle and soft. The rubbing of the soap can be done for two to three minutes. It should be noticed that there is no growing of the hair over the face. Over pressing should be avoided so that there is no redness over the face of the person.
  • Moisturizing of the skin – After the removing of the dead skins, the moisturizing of the skin is a must. A pumice stone will result in the Best Exfoliator for Dry Skin. A doctor recommends the person to apply body lotion over the whole body. The result will be beneficial for the face and body of the person.

In this way, the soap will be of extreme importance for removing the dead cells and soften the skin of the person.

Brushing on the dry skin

Brushing over the face can be done through loofah for removing dry skin. The purchasing of the synthetic brush should be avoided. It can cause scratches over the face of the person. The brush should provide comfort on the face and easy to use for the person. Brushing is the natural exfoliator.

  • Pressure over the skin – The pressure over the face through the brush should be gentle. It can be applied in the circular motion over the dry skin of the person. The brush should be kept away from the heart and the body. The circular motion is the best for removing the dead skin.
  • Rinse off through shower – The skin of the person should be washed, and a shower should be taken. The hot strips will be beneficial in comparison to the warm strips. The shower should be taken for at least ten minutes.
  • Dry the skin – Proper moisturizer should be applied on the face after the shower. The dangerous effects of the removing of dead skin will be reduced through brushing.

Therefore, the mentioned ways are the best for exfoliating the dry skin.