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How Do You Stop Facial Hair From Growing?

One can’t stop facial hair from growing permanently. There are various temporary techniques that are considered as the best permanent facial hair removal ways. They are considered the best permanent because they are semi-permanent and can leave the skin clean and clear.

There are many ways to get that fuzz-free face. Mostly used techniques are shaving, waxing, epilation, laser removal, hair removal cream, and threading. Every person has their different perspectives; some think waxing is best, some say shaving is the best, and some prefer laser treatment. These three are the mainly used techniques to remove facial hairs.

Let’s talk about these techniques, and then you can decide which one is the best for you.


How Do You Stop Facial Hair From Growing?

If you want instant results, then you can try shaving. The main pro of this technique that you don’t have to create any mess while shaving your face. Some people think that after shaving, they will get thicker hair on their face, but that is not true. If you ask a woman who shaves her face every other week, she will assure you that there is no such thing as thick hair.

It is the best permanent facial hair removal if you don’t have fast growth. You can easily find a razor that is specially used for shaving facial hair. It would help if you never used the razor made for men and the razor you use on your body.


Waxing goes for way longer than shaving. You can easily get facial wax from any cosmetic store and wax your facial hair easily. It is better to get waxed than shaving because there is a higher chance of getting cuts on your face if you don’t take proper measures while shaving. Some people prefer to get waxed because it can take the dirt out of the skin pores with hair. and some people also call waxing the best permanent facial hair removal technique because it can keep your face rid of hair for a longer time.

Some people don’t want the hassle of heating the wax repeatedly and use that on the face. Sometimes if you heat the wax for a longer time, it loses its quality also. It is always suggested that you use the best wax before its expiry date because it’s your face you are talking about.


Some people who are not into shaving their faces and wax are a big no for them; they use the threading technique. It is the cheapest technique, but it is as useful. Even though it is not painless as shaving, you won’t feel a thing once you get in the habit.

There are no such drawbacks of threading other like pain. It is just that not everyone can do it themselves. It is not a difficult task but also not that easy.

Laser treatment

It is the best permanent facial hair removal technique. If you don’t have time for weekly shaving or waxing, all you need to do is get your hair removed by laser treatment. Some so many people do this treatment at home, but it is never a suggested measure. Using such a technique at home can be very dangerous, and it can cause permanent scarring also.

How Do You Stop Facial Hair From Growing?

You can get an appointment with your desired dermatologist and get your treatment done. People call it the best permanent facial hair removal technique because the results stay for months. And if your face doesn’t have much growth, this treatment can also last up to a year.

Why do people believe that laser treatment is the best facial hair removal technique?

Laser treatment is capable of removing hair from any body part. You can easily get rid of all unwanted hair and for a longer time. There are so many benefits to getting a laser treatment. Some of them are as follows:

  • The dermatologists train for the procedure, and that is why they are very precise with the work. You can trust them and leave it up to them because they will get you rid of the hair and leave the rest of the skin undamaged.
  • You don’t have to sit for hours to get the treatment. The procedure is relatively speedy, and it also matters on the length of the area. If you are getting laser treatment on your upper lip or chin, it will only take less than one minute. But if you move on to bigger areas like your back or legs, it could take up to an hour.
  • You will also feel less growth after 5-6 sessions. When there is less growth, the sessions will be less, and you will incur less expenses.

What are the other things that you need to know about laser hair removal?

There are so many things that people don’t know about the treatment. Just like any other treatment, you need to prep your skin for the easy procedure. So if you have decided to undergo the treatment of facial hair removal, you need to limit your plucking and threading or any other technique.

You are also advised by your doctor or dermatologist to stay in and keep away from the sunlight as much as possible. These things will make your treatment go in a likely method. Your skin needs to be in a better position so that your treatment will go smoothly.

When you are at your dermatologist’s place, rest is in their hand, and they will get it done with the utmost care. They will apply a numbing cream and trim your hair at the desired length needed for the treatment.

When the procedure is complete, they will tell you the after-care and give you ointments for your skin. It takes a month for people to get recovered from the procedure. Your skin will look a bit like it is sunburned, and you need to make sure that there are no blisters on your skin.

The bottom line

The cost of every technique varies from each other. The most expensive yet best permanent facial hair removal technique is laser treatment. You can choose any technique as per your requirements and preference because it is your skin and your choice.